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Vandrehistorie - Del 13



Once upon a time, in the Gurmani sector on the planet of Kamasto, a secret meeting took place in a bar called Grey heaven inn. Two humans and a Twi'lek sat in a dark corner discussing their business with a member of the Children of Mani. Monty a big man with hair more suited for a bush creature and with only two teeth left, did not agree with his fellow human, Lars. He was, if nothing else the perfect opposite to Monty. Skinny as they come, with perfect looking hair, deep blue eyes that seemed to miss nothing. Just to consider the idea of having the pale looking man, known only to them as a member of the Children of Mani, guard the chest for a month, went against every shred of common sense Lars had. As the two humans argued, the greenish Twi'lek took notice of three...............




….mean looking Gamorreans over by the bar, talking to the bartender whom was pointing over at their table. Mercenaries, probably in league with the Hutt who was the previous owner of the chest. The green Twi’lek, known to her two companions only as Sari, excused herself from the table and quickly disappeared into the bar crowd. As the Gamorrean party were heading towards their table, Sari approached the backmost Gamorrean from behind. She reached for her dart-gun and pressed it into the Gamorrean’s backside whilst pulling the trigger. Before the Gamorrean had time to react, he was already heading for the floor. Sari wasted no time and was already putting a sleep dart into the next Gamorrean before the third one realized what was happening, but it was already too late. As he turned to face Sari, her foot smashed his face in, sending him onto the floor to join the others. Sari returned to her companions who had only noticed what was happening once the fighting started. “We need to move, the Hutts know where we are. Are you done bickering about the arrangements for the chest yet?” she asked in a stern voice. Lars looked at her, then over to Monty and finally rested his eyes on the Children of Mani representative. “I think so, but there is only one problem,” he said “……




“This is not the person he says he claims to be – nor is he a representative of The Children of Mani…”. Before he had a chance to explain the pale anonymous character drew. It is of course always a question of “who drew first”, but the result remains the same: with his concealed gun drawn only an inch from his hip, the pale character and his false identity was dead against the wall and Sari’s gun was once again smoking from being used. This time it was clearly not loaded with a sleep dart. Sari saw Monty and Lars were surprised by her kill and said “I have no tolerance for traitors and conmen, and also – he drew first. Now we have to go – NOW!” Lars and Monty knew she was right. The local law would be there soon. People around them in Gray Haven Inn moved to the side. Sari’s swift and brutal dealing with the situation had made sure no one would try to stop them. “Only our Children of Mani guy knew we would be here so he must be a snitch…” said Sari. “My thoughts exactly” said Lars. “Unless any of you have anything to confess?” he added rhetorically as they all moved determined towards an exit.




“I’m beginning to think this job won’t be worth the credits we get”, Monty growled once they were outside, and heading for the spaceport where Lars had docked their ship as discreetly as possible. “Relax!”, Sari smiled. “We make another message drop at the alternate dead drop, suggest a new location for a new handover, meet up with a genuine member of The Children Of Mani, and 750 000 credits are ours. Pure pazzak, guys”. “Sounds sweet enough..” Lars replied, looking over his shoulder to check their six, “but what puzzles me is the guy that gave us the job – I mean a force-user who says he is not a sith nor a jedi…,and these so called Children Of Mani - whats with that deal any way?” “Makes no difference”, Sari said, still smirking with the thought of how she would spend the forthcoming load of credits. “Beside; you both know we need the creds for repairs and to pay of our depts with the stinking…” Sari stopped abruptly, recognizing a burning sensation from a blastershot that had missed her braintail with a few inches, only grazing her left shoulder. The three of them spun around to locate the blastershots point of origin, only to recognize an all too familiar face, shouting at their astonished faces: “Still the striking resemblance of three banta babys at feeding time, I see..!”




“I told you we should have paid our debts…” Monty growled under his breath. “These bounty hunters will never stop chasing us”. Lars and Sari looked at each other and both knew that after stealing this chest, they would most likely already be on the rumored “Black List” and paying these old debts Mounty referred to wouldn’t have mattered anyway. He never was very bright. “Greedy as always I see!” Lars shouted back to him. Even under his mandalorian helmet Lars could feel his devilish smile upon him. Sari understood what he meant; this one wasn’t known to miss his target, least of all one taken by surprise. This was their chance, he wanted them alive. Mounty just stood there puzzled for a moment while his companions drew blasters, but only for a moment. After all they didn’t bring Monty for his quick wits. He was even known to fight wookies with his bare hands! Grinning with his two teeth, he charged the mandalorian with his vibroblade drawn….




and his trusty shield-generator equipped, trying to draw the enemy fire. The bounty hunter took the bait.

A profound beam of intensely bright energy erupted from the bounty hunters blaster rifle and connected instantly with Monty, only too be absorbed by his shield-generator. Monty was known as one of the few people in the Outer Rim Territories that could use a vibroblade and a shield-generator at the same time. A deadly combination. While Monty were still running towards the bounty hunter Lars could with his sharp eyes notice that the bounty hunter did not come alone. He had a Gamorrean friend with him and he were already leaping toward Lars trying to perform a swift roundhouse kick to his neck. Lars ducked. As the Gamorreans leg flew harmlessly over his head, Lars pulled out his Balmorran Hand Cannon, primed it, and then fired. A yellow beam of glimmering energy laced into the Gamorreans huge chest. He screamed like they always scream, like a pig, as its ribs split apart with a dull crunch. The Gamorrean's internal organs were incinerated our of existence.

Still baffled by how the Gamorrean could manage to do a roundhouse kick, he noticed Sari where missing.

Sari had allready...



moved into the crowd. Lars started turning towards the bounty hunter when two blasts silenced the bar. The bounty hunter started to fall, and as he fell a terrible scream filled the room. Sari had blasted holes clean through both his knees. “Garb him” Sari shouted as she started running. Lars and Monty grabbed one arm each and the dragged the bounty hunter towards the door. Outside it was pitch black and pouring down. And as they dragged the bounty hunter out the door they saw lights flaring as Sari came around the corner in their landspeeder. They tossed the bounty hunter in the back and jumped in just as Sari gunned the throttle. They rode in silence for a few minutes as they headed toward an old run-down industrial unit. “We need to know how they found us” Sari said suddenly. Lars looked gleefully around and drew a long serrated blade from a sheath hidden in his boots. With a quick look from Lars…….



..Monty took the hint and grabbed the bounty hunter's tongue, pulled it out and presented it to Lars and Sari. This made Lars' grin even more gleeful. Sari whispered in his ear; "..or would you like us to decorate a different appendage? I strongly suggest that you tell us everything. You see, my friends here can be extremely... creative.." Sari let that last word seethe out of her mouth. The bounty hunter's eyes widened, presumably imagining the few possible outcomes of his situation. Speaking seemed to be the wise choice; "Hnngh nnngghh mmmhhgh", he said. Sari slapped Mounty, who looked rather confused. "Let. Go. Of. His. Tongue." Sari said, rolling her eyes. "Oh, sorry!" stammered Mounty. "Ok, OK, OK! Here's the deal, I can't...."



“Ok, Ok, Ok! Here’s the deal, I can’t just tell you whats going on. They will kill me if they find out I talked” Said the bounty hunter. Lars snapped really quick back “And what do you think will happen if you dont start talking” He raised his arm and was about the punch the bounty hunter, but Mounty stopped him before he got the chance. They sat there a little while and tryed to get him to talk, but it didnt seem to help. He didnt wanna say a word, he just laid there in pain from that Sari had inflicted on him.

Sari lost her patience and took her blaster pistol, pointing it towards the bounty hunter and shot him twice in the chest. “If he’s not going to talk at all, then we dont need him anymore, get rid of his body” hizzed Sari while she looked down on him.

While they were waiting for the bounty hunter to take his last breath he looked up at Mounty and muttered “They want you back Mounty, I came here to bring you back”


Sari and Lars looked shocked on Mounty who sat next to the dead bounty hunter’s body. “What did he mean about that, Monty?” Yelled Sari and looked really confused. Lars pulled out another blaster pistol, pointed it at Mounty and said with a harsh voice “Are you the traitor who told them where we are?”


Mounty looked up at the two confused friends and said “.......




"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, they must have tracked me and..." before finishing his sentence, he had already switched his shield generator to 100% - and then threw a shock grenade at his fellow criminals. Monty was gone by the time they woke up, along with the chest. "What did he mean by him being tracked?" said Lars - "I don't know, but we must find him" replied Sari, obviously more concerned about the values he had ran off with. They decided it would be best to take rest in one of the abandoned buildings nearby, considering the high publicity they've had the last day. Lars had the first watch, and just as Sari was falling asleep Lars woke her up - "I found this note from Monty when I was checking our equipment"...



The Children of Mani


The Children of Mani adhered to the teachings of the individual Mani, who had taught his followers to travel to wilds of the galactic frontier, to seek perfection. The Grumani, who were considered to be orthodox followers of the faith, believed that moral conduct must be derived from the directives of Mani, as interpreted by Mani's Hierophants. However, the Spumani believed that Mani had made a secret directive that taught that salvation could only be attained by constantly testing oneself.



Many Children of Mani were among the human colonists who settled in the Grumani sector during the time of the Galactic Republic. However, after a few centuries, the religion was split by a schism that divided the movement into the Grumani and the Spumani. The two factions subsequently waged war against each other for about eight hundred years, until the Sith arrived in the Grumani sector during the New Sith Wars. Eventually, tensions between the sects reduced to merely a feeling of mutual disdain.




Sari Grapes the Note and Starts Reading it. It says “Sari and Lars this is for you own best. This Chest will be your death if you keep trying to sell this. I have taken this Chest and will meet you back at are Secret Hideout inn town inn 5 days time, there I will tell you everything about my connection to “The Children of Mani”. Sari Finnish reading this and Yells out “DAM YOU Monty!!” She gets up and says to Lars I take this next watch I cant sleep now anyway. Lars goes to sleep and Sari puts her back to the wall with a window to look out from the second floor. About 2 hours out inn the shift She hears a strange “Thump” and an engine roar cooling down. About 200 feet away from the abandoned building they where inn. Out from this hovercraft comes six strange looking individuals. They start waking towards the house. One Moving ahead of the other five holding out something that looks very strange almost like a sword and it was emanating bluish light from the shaft to the tip of the sword. Sari jumps down from the second floor and.....




kicks Lars in the stomach. "Oouuf.. I'll kill you" Lars groaned. "Shut up and look." Sari was pointing out the window. The mysterious people where approaching slowly. "Something's not right here" Sari mumbled. "They apparently know we're here, but that doesn't look like an attack formation". “Well, well, let’s go out there and greet them shall we?” Lars grinning his teeth, and with his handcannon raised he stormed out the door. “Oh god, why do I put up with this guy… oh right… the money”, Sari pulled out her blasters and followed her companion outside. Face to face with their pursuer, they could now clearly see the robed figure except for his face covered by a hood in the front, with what appeared to be 5 soldiers in the back. Clearly wearing military grade equipment. “Stop right there! One more step and you’re dead” Lars snarled, raising his weapon, ready to fire. The hooded figure stopped, pulled the hood down and waved his arms, instantly disarming both Sari and Lars. The robed man stepped forward, retracted the blue blade and said. “There, now that the tension is gone, let me introduce myself. I am…




Jedi Master Vannar Treece. I am here on behalf of Supreme Chancellor Genarra, on search for known associates of Kerra Holt, a Jedi Master of the Galactic Republic. She was last seen in this sector with a human that answers the name of "Monty". Lars and Sari looked at each other, somewhat shocked. I see you know this Monty, the Jedi said. This startled them even more. It is most urgent that I find this man and the artifact he is carrying! There was something about him that made it hard to even think about lying. The ever so greedy Sari managed to stutter: What's in it for us? Life and compensation. For you and your friend. That is if I can find them before the Sith do. Master Vannar didn't mention that Kerra was his lost Padawan, that had gone to avenge the murders of her family. She had set out to kill the two Sith brothers Odion and Daiman, sons of Sith Lady Xelian. Also known as Xelian the Destroyer.How long has it been since you last saw this Monty, and where did he go? If I can find you this easily , so can the Sith! Lars opened his mouth, but was interrupted by Sari, flying through the air. That and a strange humming noise, followed by something that sounded like lightning………






Regler for vandrehistorien:

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  • Historien går på Engelsk
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